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Wizarding Wand Styluses

These items are useful for any capacitance touchscreen device, but they are particularly useful for tracing complex patterns in spell-casting (or so I’ve heard). Available in a variety of styles and colors, any would-be wizard is free to let their favorite wand choose them!

An elastic retention cord is included with each stylus. Never fall victim to losing your wand in a duel again!


These have been selling so well, it has been necessary to experiment with new styles and colors! More pictures will be shown here as new wand styluses are created.


These items are available for $6.99 USD each, plus additional tax and shipping.

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Wizard’s Wand


This is the first of a new line of products in the High Fantasy line.
Popular fiction has made wizards popular again, and where would a would-be wizard (or witch) be without their wand to act as a focus for their magic?
These wands use real woods in their construction, which are then painted and stained to match a specific type of wood. They are also given a coat of sealant to protect them for years of enjoyment.

Each of these items is sold for $14.99 USD, plus additional tax and shipping.
Use the Contact link to order a unique wand to your own preferences!

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