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Light-Up Cuff Links Mk. II

Now, pay attention, secret agent… These cuff links are made for formal shirts, but they have one important difference, as you can see. The lights inside have micronized power emanators, certain to gather attention at your next formal gathering. Simply slip in the supplied 1220 size coin cell, positive (+) side towards the metal bar, in order to activate. To deactivate, remove the battery. A full set of formal accessories is in development here at the lab, so check back to see when that is available.

These are much like their predecessors, with one important difference: the battery module holding the 1220 size coin cell is much more secure and sturdy, as seen in the video below.

In addition, these cufflinks can be made in various colors, just as the previous models were.

These items are priced at $19.99 USD a pair, with additional shipping and tax.

Color of Lights

Light-Emitting Lockets (all types)

These perpetually popular items have been consolidated under one post listing to aid in selection and purchase. Deceptively ordinary, their secret lies in their battery-powered core, a creation of my own design. Perhaps they hold a tiny sliver of magic, or a distilled power source from some forgotten laboratory… Either way, they get attention!

A lobster clasp has been attached for use as a fob, in addition to a 30-inch length of silken cord for wearing as a necklace.

Battery life has been rated at roughly 8 days of constant light. Of course, taking out the battery when not wearing the item greatly increases this lifespan. As of this writing, 1220 batteries can be found in the battery section of your local supermarket.

These items vary in price as listed in the selection dialog below.
Note that the legacy lockets are in short supply, so order now to make certain you get the one you want!

Locket Type
Color of Light