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SGL 40-Watt Phased Plasma Rifle

This futuristic blaster from an alternate timeline has a hefty weight to it, but it comes fully equipped for battle whether facing human or machine. The motorized flywheel action shoots a dart with each pull of the trigger, at a surprising rate of fire. The underbarrel pump-action missile launcher has also proven effective, with each missile having empennage-mounted fins to help them fly further and straighter.

To fully display the effectiveness of this blaster, an 18-round clip of glow-in-the-dark darts was selected for its standard complement. With the UV lighting system inside the clip, each dart is illuminated before firing to give it that glow of  an ionized plasma bolt.

This is a small demonstration of the blaster in action, for maximum effect.

This blaster is now priced at $69.95 USD, plus taxes and shipping. 
Batteries and all accessories are definitely included!