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Light-Up Cuff Links Mk. II

Now, pay attention, secret agent… These cuff links are made for formal shirts, but they have one important difference, as you can see. The lights inside have micronized power emanators, certain to gather attention at your next formal gathering. Simply slip in the supplied 1220 size coin cell, positive (+) side towards the metal bar, in order to activate. To deactivate, remove the battery. A full set of formal accessories is in development here at the lab, so check back to see when that is available.

These are much like their predecessors, with one important difference: the battery module holding the 1220 size coin cell is much more secure and sturdy, as seen in the image below.

You may want to use a thin screwdriver to poke out the battery when removing it.

In addition, these cufflinks can be made in various colors, just as the previous models were.

These items are priced at $20 USD a pair, with additional shipping and tax.

Color of Lights

Glowing Potion Bottles Mk. III

These new and improved potion bottles bear the SGL trademark as a seal of quality for any would-be adventurer. Many types of potion are available, as are some select alchemical mixtures. But remember: Don’t Shoot The Potion!



Also available in Corrosive Acid, and “Alchemist’s Fire”.



As you can see here, the improved battery holder allows for the easy insertion of a 1220 coin cell battery beneath the positive (+ side) contact bar. The dyed acrylic resin comes alive with light, and the battery module can easily be concealed and protected by the screw-on cap.



Each of these items is priced at $20 USD, plus applicable shipping and tax.
If ordering in multiples, ask me about the possibility of bulk discounts.


Rings of Power Mk. V

Emerald Crystal with Rose Gold colored frame, size 7 US

I had experimented earlier with creating 3D printed cameo frames, suitable for use in cameo pendants and medallions. I have now extended that design to glowing rings of power in various sizes. They each use a single 1220 coin cell battery to light their LED core, which can sustain the same brightness for 8 hours or more, depending on temperature conditions.

These rings can be a viable alternative for those with allergic reactions to certain metals. The only metals exposed to the skin are the battery and a small copper wire soldered with non-leaded solder. Clear nail polish is an effective deterrent against any skin reactions to metals.

EDIT: Ring styles now also come in Mystic Rune and Starburst designs.

All of these rings can be made in sizes from 7 to 11 US.
Each one is priced at $10 USD, plus additional tax and shipping.
Be certain to specify the style, color of crystal, color of ring finish, and finger size when ordering.

Color of Crystal/Light
Size (US only)
Ring Finish Color

SGL Alpha-300 Energy Bolt Carbine

Sabins Gadgeteering Lab proudly presents its latest design in personal plasma weapon technology, the Alpha-300. With internal lights and sound, it comes with two 12-round magazines of glow-in-the-dark ammo, with the spare in a side carrier attached to the receiver. The semiautomatic weapon uses a motorized flywheel action to feed darts out from the magazine and accelerate them out of the barrel. 4 x AA batteries are included.

Note that operating this weapon requires the flywheels to be brought up to speed for a few seconds before firing, by depressing a secondary switch below the trigger. This also engages UV lights within the magazine well that charge each dart with glowing power.

Here is a video of the weapon firing up a dimly-lit stairwell, to show off the plasma bolts in action.

This device is now priced at $55 USD, plus applicable tax and shipping.

Glowing Serum Hypo-Syringes

It began as an experiment, as all things do here…

I began to wonder if the same technique that created the Glowing Potion Bottles could be adapted to a more technological equivalent. The results are in the form of these new items for sale that can also be made to glow, by inserting a 1632 coin cell battery into the head of the plunger, seen below. As always, the negative (“bump”) side faces inward towards the LED bulb.

So subtle, it can hardly be seen when placed inside the syringe!

Available colors include:

Each of these items is $10 USD, plus additional shipping and tax.