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Glowing Serum Syringes (all types)

Just in time for Halloween! Sure, needles are a scary part of any visit to a doctor; but these are not as they appear! The 3-D printed plastic components are made of E-Silk PLA, which only looks like metal, but is softer and safer. Even the prop needle nub is not sharp enough to break skin. The acrylic resin inside can be made to glow with the insertion of a 1632 coin-cell battery, one of which is included with purchase, which can glow for days before needing replacement. A short video of how to insert the battery is shown below:

Of course, if you desire to carry multiple syringes, the Mark I types are also still available at a lower price. Both models come in a variety of colors:

The two models of Syringes are available for the prices listed below.
Bulk orders may be eligible for a discount; use the Contact link in the menu bar above to communicate with Dr. Sabins directly.

Type of Syringe

Rings of Power Mk. V

Emerald Crystal with Rose Gold colored frame, size 7 US

I had experimented earlier with creating 3D printed cameo frames, suitable for use in cameo pendants and medallions. I have now extended that design to glowing rings of power in various sizes. They each use a single 1220 coin cell battery to light their LED core, which can sustain the same brightness for 8 hours or more, depending on temperature conditions.

These rings can be a viable alternative for those with allergic reactions to certain metals. The only metals exposed to the skin are the battery and a small copper wire soldered with non-leaded solder. Clear nail polish is an effective deterrent against any skin reactions to metals.

EDIT: Ring styles now also come in Mystic Rune and Starburst designs.

All of these rings can be made in sizes from 7 to 11 US.
Each one is priced at $9.99 USD, plus additional tax and shipping.
Be certain to specify the style, color of crystal, color of ring finish, and finger size when ordering.

Color of Crystal/Light
Size (US only)
Ring Finish Color