Steampunk Six-Shooters

For the connoisseur, these six-shot single-action revolvers have been upgraded with a couple of key improvements. The slide actions, which advance the cylinder and arm the main spring for firing, have each been given a unobtrusive knob on their hammers. These allow the slides to be used more quickly without throwing off aim. The second feature is that the cylinder will fully swing out from the body, allowing freer access to the chambers for faster reloading.

All of these models have the same durable paint treatments that other dart blasters have been given. For safety, none of the internal workings or the blaze orange barrel markers have been altered or removed. Six standard darts have been included with each weapon.

These items are being sold at the Town Street Annex for $20 USD each.
Inquire within about “Dr. Sabins’ Hurt Locker”.
Custom makes are also available at the menu bar links above.

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