SGL “Morita” Combat Weapon

Heads up, troopers! This serviceable dart blaster rifle, a new entry in the ‘Red’ Collection, is just the sort of thing you want to take into a dart battle. The ‘Morita’ is a flywheel-powered shooter with 4 x AA batteries included, slinging a dart with each pull of the trigger. The motors are activated by the switch placed below the firing trigger and take a mere second to get up to speed. This blaster comes with a barrel extension ‘flare suppressor’, extending stock with storage inside for extra darts, two 12-round clips of ammuntion, and a side-saddle holder for carrying the extra clip. You can get it right here at the link button below! “Service Guarantees Citizenship!”

This item is now priced at $54.95 USD, plus applicable shipping and tax.
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