SGL Imperial Bolt Revolver

“Vi Armorum Pace” = “Peace By Force Of Arms”
“Salutaret Mortem Cum Risu” = “Greet Death With A Smile”

“For The Emperor!!” From the world of Warhammer 40,000 comes the SGL Imperial Bolt Revolver. Futuristic styling mixed with classical detailing defines this Space Marine’s weapon, complete with purity seals against the influences of chaos. This six-shot, .75 caliber bolt pistol would feature marshmallow high-explosive-tipped rounds in its chambers, a feature unavailable to clip-loading bolters. As it is, it fires powerful Nerf Mega darts that should not be aimed at anyone’s head.

The 3D prints for this piece come from at the following links, under the Creative Commons – Attribution – ShareAlike license.

Warhammer 40,000 and its associated properties are owned by Games Workshop Group PLC. This is a custom build intended as homage.

This piece is currently available through our partnership with Realms Edge Armory and Art, currently based out of 600 W. Town Street in downtown Columbus, OH. Ask about “Dr. Sabins’ Hurt Locker” for inquiries.

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