SGL Dino-Hunter Weapons Pack

Comes with everything seen here. Dinosaurs not included.

It might not be prevalent everywhere, but the existence of genetically-cloned dinosaurs in the wild is soon to become a more common threat! What to do? Using high amounts of firepower may not be a viable option, and it certainly isn’t humane to the poor creatures. This ensemble is the answer for any aspiring dinosaur hunter who can bring ’em back alive!

Each weapon in this set is designed to use the included set of 25 tranquilizer darts for maximum accuracy and effect. The long gun and pistol both are painted in “raptor-stripe” camouflage for blending in to the preferred environment of the quarry, and are loaded from the front of each firing chamber.


Finally, a break-apart Bottle Target is included with the set, for hunters to practice their aim (recommended for outdoor use only!)

This entire kit is now priced at $49.95 USD, plus applicable tax and shipping.

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