SGL-117 Meson Disintegrator Rifle (Intended for Purely Peaceful Purposes)

This invention, originally founded in 2016, was a prop based on a weapon mod in the hit game series of “Fallout” from Bethesda Soft. I wanted to make my own version of the thing seen below, complete with lights and sound, for… You know, purely peaceful purposes.

The SGL-117 is designed to use its liquid-metal ion capacitor batteries to accelerate a beam of pi-mesons down a linear acceleration tube at near-relativistic velocities. This beam, once exiting from the bore of the weapon, can quickly and efficiently erode matter at the atomic level, reducing most targets to ionized vapor in mere milliseconds. In other words, there is no sane reason that this device would exist in our world as it currently is, but in a nuclear-blasted wasteland of mutant horrors, it could come in quite handy.

Three AAA-sized lithium batteries come installed in the magazine box for power, and a pull of the trigger sets the lightshow in motion. A small switch on the magazine box can be engaged for safety purposes. A speaker housed on the right side of the rifle creates accompanying sound effects.

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