Portal 2 Weighted Storage Cube Commission

This design comes courtesy of Kevin Rye, Geek Extrordinare, at kevinrye.net. Check his site out, and make a donation if you can.

A friend and customer wanted to have this item printed and built as a gift for a young fan. I took up the challenge as one of the first projects using an Arduino I had ever messed with. The cube is constructed out of 3D printed ABS, painted and designed to match that of the item in the game. Its internal circuitry is designed to make the lighted panels change color according to which way the cube is turned over; one way turns it blue, another way yellow. I included a printed instruction manual for things such as changing the batteries when needed.

This commission was worth about $450 USD in total, as it was fairly complex to get everything just right, but it was one of those “one of a kind” gifts that really had a lot of love behind it.

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