Pip-Boy 3000 Mk. IV 3-D Print Assembly

It has come to my attention that this device has really gathered the attention of many as I wear it around at conventions. Therefore, I am again producing these as commissioned works.
The original files were produced overseas by a digital artist who goes by the handle “Dragonator”.
Dragonator has made the printable files available for public use, including commerce.
See more of Dragonator’s work at ytec3d.com.

This assembly is designed to enclose around the forearm and hold a smartphone for the screen.
All parts can be made in two more upscaled sizes from the original: 108%, and 115%.
Measurements of your forearm and phone will be needed for proper fit.
This model also comes with a working holotape door and two free tape props.
The lights on the top and front also light up with the flick of an internal switch.
A single CR2032 battery for operating the lights is included.

An entire Pip-Boy can be made fully assembled and painted for $200 USD, plus shipping.
The unassembled and unpainted parts by themselves can be sold for $102 USD, plus shipping. The assembly instructions and hardware parts list are available at ytec3d.com.

Contact Dr. Sabins for details on how to get your own at the link above!

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