Personal Project: Vault-Tec Scientist Cosplay

I was browsing for a new variation of this costume that I could wear comfortably at a lot of the pop-media cons that take place in the summer. Since I already have a lot of the elements of this costume, and since it’s a look that works for me, I thought I would avail myself of adapting it. The basic image is seen below:

As seen in the Atomic Shop for
“Fallout 76”. Copyright of Bethesda.

After acquiring an inexpensive costume lab coat made from more breathable fabric than usual cotton twill, I set upon printing out a design for the radiation meter on the wearer’s right breast pocket. I went with this one on Thingiverse, but I had to scale down the model to about 80% of its original size. I then painted it and added weathering just to make it look right for a well-used piece of post-nuclear technology.

The final touch was the Vault-Tec logo above the left breast pocket, but the fabric would have easily melted under any sort of silk-screening image transfer. As is usual in these adverse circumstances, I went it alone and traced the image by hand using a permanent fabric marker.

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