Personal Project: Superscience Micro Tool Set

From left to right:
Monoatomic Fusion Welder, Interphase Alignment Tool,
Sonic Rotary Tool, and 2-D Plane Phase Slicer.

Once, for an old cosplay project, I had created a set of four energy-based micro-tools out of a set of pen flashlights. The goal was to turn something that looked ordinary into something that looked extraordinary. With the additional capabilities of 3-D printing and newer LED technology available to me, I have updated that set of props to something that I think would be more worthy of showing off.

Each tool has an associated effect to it. The Monoatomic Welder flickers with an orange, flame-like light, while the Interphase Alignment Tool uses asynchronous flickering and blinking green lights to achieve a more eerie effect.
The Sonic Rotary Tool, of course, does not light up but merely hums shrilly, as one might expect from something that uses sonic waves.

I haven’t decided what to do with these yet, but I may carry them in the pockets of my lab coat while out and about at an upcoming sci-fi con.

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