Personal Project: Steampunk Upgrades

I’ve been hearing in some circles that steampunk, as a genre, is “dead”; but if that’s the case, the steampunks themselves seem to be merrily ignoring that nonsense. I have received word that I am to present one or more panel presentations at next year’s Michigan Steam Expo. I realized that since one of my hallmarks is making things light up or glow, that I should reflect that more in my own personal accessories. And so, these following upgrades came to pass:

These goggles have been in my collection for many a year, and I’ve slowly been modifying their features. The vacuum tubes fitted to the eyepieces now glow with a weird, flickering ætheric green energy, useful for seeing into the higher planes of reality.


I’m sure there’s a morbid reference to the Curies to be made about this, but I won’t make a joke of it.

Even my laboratory itself got an upgrade, in the form of a self-contained emergency light… Activated by throwing a large blade-style switch, of course. I’ll probably label it later with a warning sign.


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