Personal Project: Proton-Energized Knuckle-Duster

A perfect point-blank paralyzer, purposed to parry pesky poltergeists.

This device goes with the Aetheric Proton Generator and inducer wand that was posted earlier, as part of a supernatural researcher’s defensive gear.
A self-contained unit, this device is a charged with proton particles through the small port near the bottom, which is capped for safety. Depressing the thumb push-button charges the gold alloy anodes with enough aetheric shock energy to stun even the strongest of hostile supernatural creatures, if only for a moment. This is enough for the user to regain a state of preparedness after a surprise attack. The device also has a strap on its back side for securing it to a belt or bandoleer, which can be released by a snap for readying the weapon with due haste.

Such a device can always be recreated upon request, for a price…

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