Personal Project: Pokémon Great Catcher Device

This item card, from the Pokémon collectible card game, inspired my lady-love to have me recreate it in physical form to the best of my ability. With the COVID-19 virus canceling a lot of events, I saw opportunity in being housebound, and set to work.

This is a good starting point.

Modding the exterior with 3D prints and other plastic parts was only half the battle. I also used some parts from our friends at Adafruit to bring lights and sounds to the device.


The end result strongly resembled the inspired design, with enough of it that was uniquely my own invention.

The Great Catcher, my version.

I theorize that such a device would be used in interactive game settings as an accessory that draws Pokémon into its Pokéball with the equivalent effectiveness of a “Great” throw, every single time, without fail. Its purposes during matches would be roughly the same as the card.

Pokémon is the intellectual property of Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures, under the Pokémon Company brand. This piece is intended as homage and is not for sale.

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