Personal Project: Plasma Pistol Holster

This is a whole lot of nuclear ouch.

Having recently acquired a Fallout 4 Plasma Pistol Replica from ThinkGeek, one would wonder how to carry around such a bulky and potentially dangerous-looking prop at a convention, since most conventions require all weapon replicas to be sheathed, holstered, or slung on the property… The challenge was to make a holster that could fit the toaster-sized weapon and carry it as securely as possible. The following design was composed to fit in to either a post-apocalypse or steampunk setting:

In addition to the four-panel design, made to accommodate such a large box-shaped gun, small patches of felt were glued to the inside of the leather to protect the replica from being scratched by the hardware holding everything together. The retention strap was given a thumb break snap and a buckle for adjustment as the leather gets stretched out more. A length of leather lacing to be tied around the thigh completes the holster, which can be worn on up to a 2-inch wide belt.

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