Personal Project – NERF “Revoltinator” Repaint (Shock Rifle)

Upon seeing this monstrous plastic toy in the toy aisle, complete with its integral lights and sounds, I somehow knew that I would be getting it and repainting it for the holiday season. I also knew that I would probably be kicking myself for all the details that they put into the molding on its exterior. It basically looks like it was cobbled together from various random items in a hardware store, which made it perfect for representing a mad science project.

The motorized dart firing mechanism only engages when a magazine is inserted into the well on the bottom. I could screw on a plastic Kydex panel over the well opening, and thus make the blaster safe for taking to a convention, in order to show it off. I have to wonder if that feature was intentionally designed into this product, but it should work just fine for me nonetheless. I will post updates with any photos taken at conventions while in costume.

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