Personal Project: H.E.R.M.E.S. Rocket Boots

The (hopefully) final iteration on these modified boots are meant to go with the Parahunter Jetpack and Helmet from a previous project. The acronym H.E.R.M.E.S. stands for High Energy Rocket and Mass Elevation System, and is intentionally evocative of the winged sandals of the Greek god of messengers. While designed as a standalone propulsion system, these can be paired with a jetpack as booster engines for higher and faster flight, or a particularly rapid ascent to avoid danger.

The composition of these permanent additions to the boots are mostly plastic, consisting of PVC, ABS, and Kydex-T. Only the fasteners, the rocket bells, and the fuel lines are actually made of metal. The boots themselves are US size 10-1/2 in extra wide width and remain in good condition. Overall, these are sturdy pieces that should provide many years of use.

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