Mass Effect 3 Kuwashii Visor

This was an early cosplay project, made for a friend at the time, that began to propel me into this whole enterprise. At that time, Mass Effect 3 was popular to many gamers, and my friend needed this piece to go with an N7 Armor Suit, also from the game. It wasn’t particularly difficult to make this piece out of Kydex and LED circuitry, but not having all of the exact dimensions of my friend’s head to base it off of was a bit tricky. It should also be noted that the transparent HUD panel on the front was easily fractured, and could tend to get in the way if not properly positioned.
Still, I counted this as a success story, one that paved the way for future endeavors.

Something like this would probably be about an $90 USD piece today, given all of the measuring and adjustments that would be necessary for long-term use.

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