I.P.S. Yokai Vampire Hunting Kit

A seemingly ordinary cornice box on the outside, bearing the standard of the Imperial Privateer Ship “Yokai”, a notorious band of monster-hunters…

…Inside, tools of the trade for those who would hunt vampires!

  • The cross, sign of the eternal enemy of the undead, inlaid with silver.
  • A vial of blood from a dead man, which acts as a poison to vampires.
  • A silver flask of holy water, bearing the image of the vile Countess Bathory, rumored to have been undone by this very item.
  • Consecrated wooden stakes with silver inlaid heads, for impaling the hearts of vampires. Stains of blood attest to their proven use.

This custom kit would cost a prospective hunter about $150 to re-create, but something like it could be crafted for a similar price. Interested parties should Contact Dr. Sabins at the link at the top of the page.

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