HN-D3 Powermech Droid

This experiment in refitting existing technology came from seeing one of these Homedics massagers many years ago, and thinking how it would look great as a little droid humming around on a flat table or floor. Now that I’ve gotten around to building it, I’ve added multiple features such as 3D-printed arms and radar eyes on the upper dome, as well as a USB smartphone recharger system on a separate circuit. I even translated its labeling to the Aurebesh of the Star Wars galaxy to complete its mash-up look.

UPDATE: I have since given this little fellow as a gift to a fellow artist who suffers from chronic pain.
I figured that it would do him far more good in his possession, as opposed to just sitting on a shelf in my Lab.

Arms are courtesy of

Radar Eyes are courtesy of

Battery and Charging System are courtesy of adafruit.

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