Glowing Potion Bottles Mk. II

For those who may remember, I once did a foray into alchemical potions that could be made to light up… The idea was a sound one, it was merely the construction that required refinement. I started again recently, with the same plastic bottles as before, only this time using denatured alcohol to help dilute the coloring dyes and to assist in ridding the resin mixture of bubbles.

Alchemy is a demanding discipline.

Once the colors by light of day were satisfactory, the acrylic resins were left to cure overnight before the work of lighting them began. The screw-on necks were cut off and replaced with simple press-on O-ring seals, made of hot-melt glue. This allowed room for simple LED modules to be adhered onto the bottle neck tops, each taking a 1632 battery. The results can be seen below…

UPDATE: I’ve also experimented with flickering LED lights in some newer potion bottles. Here we have Corrosive Acid in deep green, and Alchemist’s Fire in orange. I’ll see if I can add more to the roster.

By day or night, these would make ideal physical representation pieces to go into pouches or satchels for LARP or cosplay.

These items are sold for $15 USD per potion, plus additional tax and shipping.


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