Galactic Tracer Gauntlet

I first saw this toy on the local store shelves, but I wasn’t really impressed with the paint job or the overall premise of a single-shot wrist blaster. I decided to see what I would get with a short-range grapnel launcher with an actual reel of line, and to redo the paint job into something more worthy of a legendary bounty hunter. I also gave it an actual leather strap and metal buckle to secure it to the forearm.

Note that this will not allow you to scale buildings, nor will it allow you to snag a line onto a flying starfighter. It’s got about 4 feet of line, and it should NEVER be fired at a living being. It will allow you to snag a remote control from across the couch, however. It also comes with two spare grapnel hooks in case of breakage of the original.

Here is a sample of the gauntlet in action:

This device is priced at $49.95 USD, plus additional tax and shipping.

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