Fallout Pip-Boy 3000 Mk. IV 3D-Printed Phone Carrier

This rather industrious assembled design comes courtesy of Yvo de Haas, aka “dragonator”, at ytec3d.com.

This was once an item in stock, that could be printed, assembled, and painted with optional modifications. It was designed to be made in three differently scaled sizes, for holding different sizes of forearms and smartphones within them. It would be supplied with two “holo-tapes” included, that could be inserted into the hatch on the top of the unit.

It took a while to perfect the printing and assembly process, as I got more used to creating them. Presently, they can be made fully assembled and painted for $200 USD, or $90 if a customer merely desires the raw, printed parts. Keep in mind that the assemblage uses metric-sized parts, some of which are harder to come by than others.

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Pip-Boy 3000 Mk. IV-A “Elite” model, a commissioned work with custom features