Experiment: 3-D Printed Cameo Frames

Not bad, for my second ever attempt at digital scuplting.

Since metal jewelry parts can sometimes run out of stock, I wanted to see if I could create 3-D printed parts of a similar quality out of polymer materials. An additional benefit would be making them non-conductive to electricity, meaning easier integration of LED circuits and small coin-cell batteries. I began by making the above cameo frame in a 3-D sketch program out of primitive shapes. I then exported the design to a rendering program for refinement, and finally exporting the file again as an .stl file for printing. The successful results are below:

This ABS print fits a 25 x 18 mm rhinestone perfectly.

It did not take long before a friend commissioned me to make some cameos in custom sizes, which were easily done by scaling up the file dimensions accordingly.

Upcoming experiments may include making other forms of custom settings, as well as creating custom crystals out of cast resin molds.

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