Commission: Primal Source Cube, AKA the “Key of Aaravos”

This is a commissioned 3D print, the files for which were created by the maker “DTuininga” on  However, my own 3D printer was facing extruder issues at the time, resulting in a very rough print. I have since ordered a new extruder:


I worked with what I had, and filled out the print with a combination of white foaming Gorilla Glue and epoxy putty. I then primed the surfaces to see what needed further refinement.

The final surface painting resembled a hand-carved wood block, which is what I originally wanted from it. I then used variations in light and dark shading to bring out some of the lost details.

It may seem like too much work for one piece, but the details are always important. My loyalty is to the work I produce, and I perpetually endeavor to improve.

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