Commission: Pokemon Dr. Colress Earpiece and Glasses

This was a separate commission made in 2016, for a Pokemon fan who wished to cosplay as “Dr. Colress”, a mad scientist character. They wanted a communicator earpiece prop with a window section that lit up blue, and was emblazoned with the Team Plasma logo. In addition, they were looking for a set of inexpensive cosplay glasses to complete the look. I used 16-gauge copper wire, polyolefin heat-shrink tubing, Kydex-T, and shaped acrylic in the construction of the earpiece, and backlit the acrylic it with a small LED module. The glasses were fashioned from an inexpensive set of reading glasses, but with the lenses replaced with Lexan pieces that had zero magnification. That way, the glasses would not give any real vision problems to their wearer. Overall, this commission was made for about $50 total.

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