General Mad Science

Aetheric Plasma Discharger (upgraded)

An upgrade of a previous construct, this steampunk/Teslapunk arm bracer is designed to gather and coalesce light waves, as perturbations in the aether, and funnel them into the electrolytic capacitor cells for redirection as a stream of ionized plasma. To the layman, that means that it’s a light-recharged ion ray blaster. It comes with adjustable […]

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“Holo-Cloner” Holographic Decoy Projector

This device is designed to use an omni-directional multi-spectrum diode at the center of its parabolic reflector array, so that it may capture the image of its wearer and project it at a right angle some adjustable distance away. Activated by the large red power button, the array is powered by a single CR2032 coin cell battery in […]

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