Dr. Sabins

June 5, 2015

Sabins Gadgeteering Lab now has a decent, medium-range, 3-D printer.
The Da Vinci 1.0, made by XYZPrinting, was acquired earlier today and now has a place at its own workbench. After some careful re-reading of the instructional manuals, it will be powered up and run through its operational checklist, including some demo printing. Updates to this status will be posted here, including when we will begin taking orders for printed items.

IMG_0667 IMG_0668

(Product Link:

Batteries *not* included? :(

It has come to my attention that lithium batteries, even coin-cells, are considered hazardous materials when sent through the US Mail. There is a risk of them rupturing when traveling by air to their destination, as most cargo holds are insufficiently pressurized and/or temperature-controlled to prevent this. Since the additional expense of using only a ground carrier would not justify the inclusion of said batteries, I have decided to allow customers to purchase said batteries in their own locations and subtract any cost of batteries from the prices of all items, whether in stock or on commission. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause.

– Dr. Sabins

Unexpected Fame

I was laying down for a rest the other evening, when my lady exclaimed in calling my attention to the following web magazine article:

That’s us in our Elseworlds Lantern cosplays that you see in the cover shot, photo and article credit to Jason Biundo. Our costumes, about 50% premade outfits, were altered by ourselves to suit our roles as “The Green LanTron” (sorry, Mickey), and the “Sinestro Corps JigSAW Acolyte”, complete with hypodermic of knockout serum for abductions. This is actually the first appearance for both of us in a local publication, so it’s kind of a really big deal.


Our thanks go out to Mr. Biundo, and the staff of 614 Columbus magazine!