Sad News…

It appears that my supplier of the more magenta-violet color of LEDs (in the 460-nm range) have discontinued their line of products. I will be unable to create items that shine in that color once supplies have run out. I will instead make LED devices that use roughly 400-nm wavelength colors, on the border of […]

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Dr. Sabins

November 10, 2019

The time finally came some months ago to replace the extruder module on my (now-venerable) XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 Pro. I can say with certainty that this, above any other possible maintenance technique, drastically improved the quality of all prints. A before-and-after image is displayed below:

Before and After extruder module replacement.

It should be noted that, after successfully calibrating the level of the print bed, that simple PVA-based craft glue sticks are more than sufficient to firmly adhere a printed item to the bed until completion. This was originally an issue, as the aluminum surface of the print bed exhibited some oleophobic properties after unboxing.

What all of this means to you is that you can expect better quality printed items from my shop for some time to come. I hope to be of service to you soon.

— Dr. Sabins 

Change In Shipping Services

Dear Loyal Customers,It is to my regret that I must change my preferred method of shipment services to deliver my carefully crafted items to you. I will no longer be using United States Postal Services due to recent unpredictability in their services.While switching to United Parcel Services may be a more costly option, it is […]

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Announcement: Changes Ahead

Due to increasing health problems, Dr. Sabins expresses his sincere apologies at being unable to host a vendor table at conventions or events for the foreseeable future. In light of this fact, Sabins Gadgeteering Lab, LLC has entered into a partnership with the Town Street Annex, LLC to display some of our existing works and sell […]

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New Technology Acquired: Laser Etcher

In this past year, Sabins Gadgeteering Lab has had to upgrade its obsolete 3D printer. (Yes, it was obsolete THAT quickly!) The replacement model is a XYZ Printing Da Vinci Pro 1.0, and it has a number of improved features available. One of those features is the optional laser etcher module, which can be easily […]

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Working Towards RoHS

The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive was adopted in the European Union in 2003 as a measure to restrict the use of harmful substances in manufactured electronics. Since we’re living in a global economy now, the RoHS compliance standard covers many electronic components shipped worldwide. At the top of the list of these substances is […]

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Specifications on Allowable Shipments of Lithium Batteries

Earlier, I had made a post regarding the prohibited shipment of batteries containing lithium, such as coin-cell batteries:
Batteries *not* included? 🙁

After a review of USPS guidelines for allowable shipments, I can safely say that is no longer necessarily the case:
349 Miscellaneous Hazardous Materials (Hazard Class 9)

It seems that bulk shipments of more than 4 batteries, or more batteries than necessary to operate a device, must be marked with fire hazard warning stickers. Since each item is only shipped with enough batteries to operate them, this is no longer a problem. Therefore, USPS will be used again for all shipping needs, as previously considered.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused in the meantime.

Dr. Sabins

June 11, 2015



Success! The drawing for this print successfully converted over into an STL file, and was successfully “sliced” into a tool path for the printer. Each of these coins can be produced for various products, e.g. pins and boutonnieres, ribbon medals, challenge coins, and so forth. They have a $5 value per coin by themselves, but I may give them out as takeaways for the first 20 customers at a trade show or convention.

With this successful test, I am pleased to say that the Da Vinci printer is now available for use in commissioned works! Stay updated here for stock items that use this new technology!

Dr. Sabins

June 10, 2015


Makey, arms down with supports, from below.


Makey from the back, freshly printed.


Front View of Makey, arms down w/ supports.

With this third print, I downloaded a freeware sample file of the mascot of MAKE Magazine, “Makey”. The first attempt was going to be a faithful duplication of the robot in three dimensions, with his arms down. This print took about 28 minutes and used about 1.366 meters of ABS filament.
Unfortunately, all 3D prints make an object from the ground level up, so I had to add supports to act as a scaffolding while the arms and shoulders were printing in midair. The supports were laid on too thick, and I snapped an arm off trying to clip them. Oh, well, try again…

IMG_0707 IMG_0708 IMG_0709


The second attempt has Makey raising his stubby (though still frangible) arms in triumph, as he is printed with no supports to hold him down, er, up! This version of the print took 36 minutes and 1.374 meters of filament. Gauging the print as an example of the details that the Da Vinci 1.0 can produce, I’d say it’s about what I’d expect from an inexpensive printer that can use ABS. Not the best on the market, but good enough for my intended purposes.

For those who seek to make their own Makey and test their own 3D printer’s capabilities, he can be downloaded in all versions at

Up next, I will attempt to create, compile, and print my own file, from a rendered drawing made on Autodesk software. If that can be resolved successfully, I may be ready to take commissions!