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Glowing Serum Syringes (all types)

Just in time for Halloween! Sure, needles are a scary part of any visit to a doctor; but these are not as they appear! The 3-D printed plastic components are made of E-Silk PLA, which only looks like metal, but is softer and safer. Even the prop needle nub is not sharp enough to break […]

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Light-Up Cuff Links Mk. II

Now, pay attention, secret agent… These cuff links are made for formal shirts, but they have one important difference, as you can see. The lights inside have micronized power emanators, certain to gather attention at your next formal gathering. Simply slip in the supplied 1220 size coin cell, positive (+) side towards the metal bar, […]

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Glowing Potion Bottles Mk. III

These new and improved potion bottles bear the SGL trademark as a seal of quality for any would-be adventurer. Many types of potion are available, as are some select alchemical mixtures. But remember: Don’t Shoot The Potion!     Each of these items is priced at $19.99 USD, plus applicable shipping and tax.If ordering in […]

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Rings of Power Mk. V

I had experimented earlier with creating 3D printed cameo frames, suitable for use in cameo pendants and medallions. I have now extended that design to glowing rings of power in various sizes. They each use a single 1220 coin cell battery to light their LED core, which can sustain the same brightness for 8 hours […]

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Light-Emitting Lockets (all types)

These perpetually popular items have been consolidated under one post listing to aid in selection and purchase. Deceptively ordinary, their secret lies in their battery-powered core, a creation of my own design. Perhaps they hold a tiny sliver of magic, or a distilled power source from some forgotten laboratory… Either way, they get attention! A […]

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Wizarding Wand Styluses

These items are useful for any capacitance touchscreen device, but they are particularly useful for tracing complex patterns in spell-casting (or so I’ve heard). Available in a variety of styles and colors, any would-be wizard is free to let their favorite wand choose them! An elastic retention cord is included with each stylus. Never fall […]

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