Automata Angelus Wing-pack

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This commission is my magnum opus to date. This was a commission for a fellow costumer that helped her earn the award ribbon you see above–Best Workmanship, Master Class, at the Balticon 2014 Masquerade Contest. The presentation can be seen here:

I designed the custom linkage system to drive the wings, while still having a series of moving acrylic gears underneath. The prime mover is a low speed, high torque DC electric motor that is rated to run on 12V, supplied by 8 AA batteries. A toggle switch at the bottom activates the wings’ reciprocating motion. The substrate is made of Kydex-T plastic, with EVA craft foam over the wings to form feathers. The paint is a mixture of hammered silver overlaid with natural stone aerosol, to give the appearance of chiseled stone. This commission was worth approximately $500 total.

Special thanks to Balticon 2014, Stormbringer Creations, and

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