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Parahunter Jetpack and Helmet

This is a future cosplay that repurposes previously crafted personal creations. The Parahunters were a proposed faction for the game of “Fallout 4”, but they never made it past the concept phase. They were basically designed as a rival faction to the Brotherhood of Steel, acting as mercenaries and poachers of mutated beasts in the Wasteland. This particular armor was probably found mostly intact by a wandering Vault Survivor after the Great War, its original pilot long since dead due to radiation exposure.
‘Fallout’ and its related properties are owned by Bethesda. I lay claim to nothing; this is simply intended as an homage.

Light-Emitting Lockets, Mk. VII


The newest iteration of these successful items will be made to be sold on consignment. They feature a 12 mm lobster clasp in a matching antique gold finish, and come with one free CR1025 battery for powering the light inside.
EDIT: After some test-marketing, I have revised the price point of these items to $18 USD each.
They are now available as a regularly stocked item.
Be sure to specify the color(s) desired when ordering. Two different styles of locket ball exist; a specific type can be ordered as supplies allow.

Case Style

SGL-117 Meson Disintegrator Rifle (Intended for Purely Peaceful Purposes)

This invention, originally founded in 2016, was a prop based on a weapon mod in the hit game series of “Fallout” from Bethesda Soft. I wanted to make my own version of the thing seen below, complete with lights and sound, for… You know, purely peaceful purposes.

The SGL-117 is designed to use its liquid-metal ion capacitor batteries to accelerate a beam of pi-mesons down a linear acceleration tube at near-relativistic velocities. This beam, once exiting from the bore of the weapon, can quickly and efficiently erode matter at the atomic level, reducing most targets to ionized vapor in mere milliseconds. In other words, there is no sane reason that this device would exist in our world as it currently is, but in a nuclear-blasted wasteland of mutant horrors, it could come in quite handy.

Three AAA-sized lithium batteries come installed in the magazine box for power, and a pull of the trigger sets the lightshow in motion. A small switch on the magazine box can be engaged for safety purposes. A speaker housed on the right side of the rifle creates accompanying sound effects.

This item has been SOLD.

Pip-Boy 3000 Armband

I wanted to create a lighter and slimmer model of wearable Pip-Boy prop that could still carry a smartphone, so I started by building on a retail market neoprene jogger’s armband. I then designed a 3-D printed overlay and decorated it to resemble a Pip-Boy arm computer from the hit game “Fallout 3”, within size limits. Add an app that simulates the behavior of the Pip-Boy within the game, and the result is as you see above.

I can reproduce a design like this for about $100 USD. Inquiries can be directed to the Contact link in the header bar above.

Personal Project: Aetheric Proton Generator Unit

This deceptively simple-looking device was created as an enhancement to an existing one, an aetheric shock inducer rod. The device was made to activate at the flip of a switch, and generate ionized hydrogen nuclei from its array of condenser tubes within the case. Two supply lines were permanently installed into the inducer rod’s hilt, which normally rests in its own holder as worn on a belt.

Such a device can always be recreated as a commissioned work.

Commission: Fractured Fairy-Godmother Cigar Wand

This commission was made for a fantasy writer friend of mine, as the “wand” used by her reluctant fairy-godmother protagonist in a novel series she’s working on. The godmother in question has fallen on hard times, and as a result, her magic has taken on a harder, more cynical edge. Despite this, the works in progress are still well-peppered with wry comedy.

Creating this wand was merely a matter of retro-fitting the outer case and refitting the LED at the tip.
It was a little bit of a challenge getting everything to look right and still function, but I’m still pleased with the results, as was my customer.

Similar creations can be contracted by commission at the links in the header bar above.

Commission: Batch of Wizard Wands (inexpensive)

This recent commission required a lot of no less than 23 wands for use in a themed Halloween party. The challenge was to create unique and varied designs using nothing more than thin wooden dowels, hot-melt glue, and various craft paints. I set to work by referring to some existing wands while adding a few touches of my own. The results greatly pleased my customer, and I confess to taking some small pride in my own handiwork.

For more detailed and finely crafted wooden wands, look here.

Personal Project: Hybrid Assistive Load Carrier (HULC) Back Brace Upgrade

This is a rework of an existing project for my dear Mum who was in need of a lighter and less cumbersome back brace while recuperating from lumbar vertebral surgery. Seeing as how she has multiple joint implants now, I went with the theme of a transhuman augmentation frame. “We can rebuild her, we have the technology!”

This build was based on a back support belt and harness primarily used for construction and warehouse duties. I got rid of all the extraneous components, and focused on fitting the shoulders and back more supportively. She wears this to conventions now and has received many compliments on it. Such a device can always be reproduced as a commissioned work.

Personal Project: Chrono-Lapsing Book Brooch


This personal project was created as a birthday gift to a friend, whose party I was unfortunately unable to attend. Its design was based on her own idea, with the only modification being making it into a pin-on brooch rather than a necklace. The operations manual is attached inside the metal case, while the actual mechanism is incorporated into the cover. The all-seeing cat’s eye keeps watch against unscrupulous users or thieves.

If interested, I can reproduce this design or something like it.
Contact me at the link in the header bar to discuss requirements and payment.

Aether Emitter Badge Mk. II

An improved model that employs stereolithographic (3-D printing) technology to create a lightweight housing, these streamlined steampunk devices still provide the same quality of protective energy barriers. Operated by a simple toggle switch and powered by a single CR2032 coin cell, the center crystal can be made to light up in the color of your choice. A bar pin is integrated into the back to easily attach to your clothing or hat. Colors include Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, White, and Rainbow Color-Shift. Please specify color when ordering.

These devices can be custom made for a mere $25 USD each, plus shipping.

Finish Color