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Sad News…

It appears that my supplier of the more magenta-violet color of LEDs (in the 460-nm range) have discontinued their line of products. I will be unable to create items that shine in that color once supplies have run out. I will instead make LED devices that use roughly 400-nm wavelength colors, on the border of the Ultra-Violet A band. To see a side-by-side comparison, see the images below.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Time, as well as science, marches on.

—Dr. Sabins

Glowing Serum Hypo-Syringes

It began as an experiment, as all things do here…

I began to wonder if the same technique that created the Glowing Potion Bottles could be adapted to a more technological equivalent. The results are in the form of these new items for sale that can also be made to glow, by inserting a 1632 coin cell battery into the head of the plunger, seen below. As always, the negative (“bump”) side faces inward towards the LED bulb.

So subtle, it can hardly be seen when placed inside the syringe!

Available colors include:

Each of these items is $10 USD, plus additional shipping and tax.


Dr. Sabins

November 10, 2019

The time finally came some months ago to replace the extruder module on my (now-venerable) XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 Pro. I can say with certainty that this, above any other possible maintenance technique, drastically improved the quality of all prints. A before-and-after image is displayed below:

Before and After extruder module replacement.

It should be noted that, after successfully calibrating the level of the print bed, that simple PVA-based craft glue sticks are more than sufficient to firmly adhere a printed item to the bed until completion. This was originally an issue, as the aluminum surface of the print bed exhibited some oleophobic properties after unboxing.

What all of this means to you is that you can expect better quality printed items from my shop for some time to come. I hope to be of service to you soon.

— Dr. Sabins 

Personal Project: Vault-Tec Scientist Cosplay

I was browsing for a new variation of this costume that I could wear comfortably at a lot of the pop-media cons that take place in the summer. Since I already have a lot of the elements of this costume, and since it’s a look that works for me, I thought I would avail myself of adapting it. The basic image is seen below:

As seen in the Atomic Shop for
“Fallout 76”. Copyright of Bethesda.

After acquiring an inexpensive costume lab coat made from more breathable fabric than usual cotton twill, I set upon printing out a design for the radiation meter on the wearer’s right breast pocket. I went with this one on Thingiverse, but I had to scale down the model to about 80% of its original size. I then painted it and added weathering just to make it look right for a well-used piece of post-nuclear technology.

The final touch was the Vault-Tec logo above the left breast pocket, but the fabric would have easily melted under any sort of silk-screening image transfer. As is usual in these adverse circumstances, I went it alone and traced the image by hand using a permanent fabric marker.

Personal Project: Steampunk Upgrades

I’ve been hearing in some circles that steampunk, as a genre, is “dead”; but if that’s the case, the steampunks themselves seem to be merrily ignoring that nonsense. I have received word that I am to present one or more panel presentations at next year’s Michigan Steam Expo. I realized that since one of my hallmarks is making things light up or glow, that I should reflect that more in my own personal accessories. And so, these following upgrades came to pass:

These goggles have been in my collection for many a year, and I’ve slowly been modifying their features. The vacuum tubes fitted to the eyepieces now glow with a weird, flickering ætheric green energy, useful for seeing into the higher planes of reality.


I’m sure there’s a morbid reference to the Curies to be made about this, but I won’t make a joke of it.

Even my laboratory itself got an upgrade, in the form of a self-contained emergency light… Activated by throwing a large blade-style switch, of course. I’ll probably label it later with a warning sign.


Ætheric Plasma Discharger (upgraded)

As seen here, the ion coalescence chamber is busily gathering ætheric waves
and converting them into electrical charges.
Here we see the primed energy at the emitter just prior to discharge.

It occurs to me that I simply cannot leave well enough alone when it comes to one of my older projects. A further upgrade of a previous construct, this steampunk/Teslapunk arm bracer is designed to gather and coalesce light waves, as perturbations in the æther, and funnel them into the electrolytic capacitor cells for redirection as a stream of ionized plasma. To the layman, that means that it’s a light-recharged ionic ray blaster. It comes with adjustable straps to secure the frame to the top of the forearm as pictured. The frame is composed of Kydex-T thermoplastic, a suitable replacement for metal or boiled leather.

As it stands, I no longer wish to sell this item, as it has become one of my oldest and most cherished works. In an era where firearms and firearm-like replicas are summarily banned from most convention sites, I prefer the simplicity of a forearm-based pacification device that has an adjustable power setting, in order to mitigate the force that is applied.

SGL M5A1 Combat Rifle

A no-nonsense weapon, suitable to become any soldier’s close personal friend, the M5A1 was a motorized automatic rifle that can fire 10 rounds in under 4 seconds. With plenty of rails for add-on accessories, it was supplied with one full 18-round clip and 6 “D”-cell batteries in the stock.
“Never go on a “bug hunt” without one!”

This item has been SOLD

Personal Project: Rick Sanchez’s Dimensional Portal Gun

With the news that Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim is green-lighting the fourth season of “Rick and Morty”, I thought now might be a good time to show off my attempt at upgrading a very basic model of Rick’s Portal Gun. This was a project I completed some years ago. The digital readout replaces the simple acrylic light-up panel, and the dark matter generator chamber actually holds a 3-d printed glob of translucent dark matter. I also upgraded the emitter lights in front to be brighter and greener, because I could.

“Rick and Morty” is the creation of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.
I own nothing: this piece is merely intended as an homage.

SGL Short-Bore Lever-Lock

This snub-nosed carbine, suitable for zombie-hunters, bounty hunters, or those who simply aim to misbehave, is bound to become some Nerf warrior’s Very Favorite Gun. Features include a double-ended magazine that holds twelve rounds of ammunition (also included), as well as a multi-modal sight mounted to the top of the weapon.

Fire six shots, jack the lever forward, eject, flip and reload the magazine.
Then pull the lever back for another six shots.

This piece is currently on sale at the Town Street Annex facility, for any aspiring LARPers to acquire for $30 USD.

Personal Project: Proton Haversack Modification

As on YT, I took a thing (GameStop Proton Backpack) and put another thing inside it (Arduino FX kit for a Spirit Halloween Proton Pack), thus making an even better thing. It’s still a serviceable backpack, too.

As always, to give credit to the original designer, schematics and files for the electronics can be found at: