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Wizarding Wand Styluses

These items are useful for any capacitance touchscreen device, but they are particularly useful for tracing complex patterns in spell-casting (or so I’ve heard). Available in a variety of styles and colors, any would-be wizard is free to let their favorite wand choose them!

An elastic retention cord is included with the item.
Never fall victim to losing your wand again!


These have been selling so well, it has been necessary to experiment with new styles and colors! More pictures will be shown here as new wand styluses are created.


These items are available for $10 USD each, plus additional shipping.

Type your style/color here

Commission: Primal Source Cube, AKA the “Key of Aaravos”

This is a commissioned 3D print, the files for which were created by the maker “DTuininga” on  However, my own 3D printer was facing extruder issues at the time, resulting in a very rough print. I have since ordered a new extruder:


I worked with what I had, and filled out the print with a combination of white foaming Gorilla Glue and epoxy putty. I then primed the surfaces to see what needed further refinement.

The final surface painting resembled a hand-carved wood block, which is what I originally wanted from it. I then used variations in light and dark shading to bring out some of the lost details.

It may seem like too much work for one piece, but the details are always important. My loyalty is to the work I produce, and I perpetually endeavor to improve.

Personal Project – Virtual Monster Spirit Staff

This hickory staff’s headpiece was made for use by a powerful shaman, a keeper of mythical monsters that can be found inhabiting virtual space. She will use it to bless all young trainers of these creatures at the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

Behold these rare items of mystic power, available only to those who are worthy seekers…

W.R.O.B.s – Wearable Robot Optic Badges

NEW!! Body Type 4 – Hexy
Each W.R.O.B. features easy-to-use components.
All arms and legs are poseable.

The W.R.O.B. series is a new foray into wearable 3-D printed art. They can be attached to clothing via their safety-lockable pin backs, or they can stand free on a shelf or table. Each retro-styled robot body type can be fitted with a variety of arm and/or leg types, and they can all be plated in a variety of metallic colors. All of them come complete with a CR 2032 battery to power up their central cores, which purposefully flicker as they light up.

Each of these small robots is priced at $20 USD, with additional shipping.
Use the form below to order your own today!

Body Type
Plating Color
Power Core Light Color:

Personal Project: Superscience Micro Tool Set

Once, for an old cosplay project, I had created a set of four energy-based micro-tools out of a set of pen flashlights. The goal was to turn something that looked ordinary into something that looked extraordinary. With the additional capabilities of 3-D printing and newer LED technology available to me, I have updated that set of props to something that I think would be more worthy of showing off.

Each tool has an associated effect to it. The Monoatomic Plasma Welder flickers with an orange, flame-like light, while the Dimensional Interphasing Tool uses flickering and blinking green lights to achieve a shimmering, almost eerie effect. The Sonic Rotary Tool, of course, does not light up but merely buzzes shrilly, as one might expect from something that uses sonic waves. Finally, the 2-D Planar Phase Slicer shines a thin, blue line of light.

I haven’t decided what to do with these yet, but I may carry them in the pockets of my lab coat while out and about at an upcoming sci-fi con.

Personal Project: H.E.R.M.E.S. Rocket Boots

The (hopefully) final iteration on these modified boots are meant to go with the Parahunter Jetpack and Helmet from a previous project. The acronym H.E.R.M.E.S. stands for High Energy Rocket and Mass Elevation System, and is intentionally evocative of the winged sandals of the Greek god of messengers. While designed as a standalone propulsion system, these can be paired with a jetpack as booster engines for higher and faster flight, or a particularly rapid ascent to avoid danger.

The composition of these permanent additions to the boots are mostly plastic, consisting of PVC, ABS, and Kydex-T. Only the fasteners, the rocket bells, and the fuel lines are actually made of metal. The boots themselves are US size 10-1/2 in extra wide width and remain in good condition. Overall, these are sturdy pieces that should provide many years of use.

T.H.O.R. Cannon Mk. II

The custom-built Turbine Hybrid Onslaught Revolver (T.H.O.R.) Cannon is now in its second model of production. This updated version features new attention to details with the same excellent standard of performance. Its twenty round ammunition capacity can be emptied in less than seven seconds of continuous firing. This model also features a removable rear stock and front cross-hair sight.

Twenty rounds of ammunition are included with purchase. We spared no expense.

This item has been SOLD. Look for more items like this coming soon!

Personal Project: Fallout Fusion Core Lantern Mod

This piece was a test of my painting techniques in using simple cans of spray enamel to achieve desired cosmetic effects. Formerly, this was an Eddie Bauer LED lantern that I found for cheap at a thrift store. In addition to the painting of the individual parts (including the artificial rust on the chrome handles), I had also modified the internal circuit to generate a nice, nuclear-green glow.

It’s just good-old gamma radiation.

Finally, I created a file to 3-D print a “wingnut” piece for the top of the core. Details, details, details.
This piece now adorns my vault, er, home, as a functional coffee-table piece.

“Fallout” and all associated media are property of Bethesda.
I lay claim to nothing. This is merely an homage.

Personal Project: Ætheric Lantern Pendant

In brightest day, in blackest night…

This pendant, composed of metal with a clear acrylic core, inspired me to light it up from the inside by adding a flickering green LED and battery clip. I could reproduce this item quite easily, and I might make it into a future in-stock item if it gathers enough interest. For now, it will adorn my copper pocket watch chain as a decorative fob.

Light-Emitting Lockets Mk. VIII

The latest iteration in these popular items, the Mk. VIII models feature a new ball locket casing, made of a superior crafted alloy. Split rings replace the older jump rings, and both the 12mm lobster clasp and the rings are plated with 18k gold. The internal LED device is still powered by a 1025 button cell, included with purchase. Finally, these can also be worn on an included 30-inch rat-tail cord.

These items come in more colors as well, and are available on request.
They are still sold for the same low price of $18 USD each, plus additional shipping.

Other Color?