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Personal Project: H.E.R.M.E.S. Rocket Boots

The (hopefully) final iteration on these modified boots are meant to go with the Parahunter Jetpack and Helmet from a previous project. The acronym H.E.R.M.E.S. stands for High Energy Rocket and Mass Elevation System, and is intentionally evocative of the winged sandals of the Greek god of messengers. While designed as a standalone propulsion system, these can be paired with a jetpack as booster engines for higher and faster flight, or a particularly rapid ascent to avoid danger.

The composition of these permanent additions to the boots are mostly plastic, consisting of PVC, ABS, and Kydex-T. Only the fasteners, the rocket bells, and the fuel lines are actually made of metal. The boots themselves are US size 10-1/2 in extra wide width and remain in good condition. Overall, these are sturdy pieces that should provide many years of use.

T.H.O.R. Cannon Mk. II

The custom-built Turbine Hybrid Onslaught Revolver (T.H.O.R.) Cannon is now in its second model of production. This updated version features new attention to details with the same excellent standard of performance. Its twenty round ammunition capacity can be emptied in less than seven seconds of continuous firing. This model also features a removable rear stock and front cross-hair sight.

Twenty rounds of ammunition are included with purchase. We spared no expense.

This item has been SOLD. Look for more items like this coming soon!

Personal Project: Fallout Fusion Core Lantern Mod

This piece was a test of my painting techniques in using simple cans of spray enamel to achieve desired cosmetic effects. Formerly, this was an Eddie Bauer LED lantern that I found for cheap at a thrift store. In addition to the painting of the individual parts (including the artificial rust on the chrome handles), I had also modified the internal circuit to generate a nice, nuclear-green glow.

It’s just good-old gamma radiation.

Finally, I created a file to 3-D print a “wingnut” piece for the top of the core. Details, details, details.
This piece now adorns my vault, er, home, as a functional coffee-table piece.

“Fallout” and all associated media are property of Bethesda.
I lay claim to nothing. This is merely an homage.

Personal Project: Ætheric Lantern Pendant

In brightest day, in blackest night…

This pendant, composed of metal with a clear acrylic core, inspired me to light it up from the inside by adding a flickering green LED and battery clip. I could reproduce this item quite easily, and I might make it into a future in-stock item if it gathers enough interest. For now, it will adorn my copper pocket watch chain as a decorative fob.

Light-Emitting Lockets Mk. VIII

The latest iteration in these popular items, the Mk. VIII models feature a new ball locket casing, made of a superior crafted alloy. Split rings replace the older jump rings, and both the 12mm lobster clasp and the rings are plated with 18k gold. The internal LED device is still powered by a 1025 button cell, included with purchase. Finally, these can also be worn on an included 30-inch rat-tail cord.

These items come in more colors as well, and are available on request.
They are still sold for the same low price of $18 USD each, plus additional shipping.

Other Color?

Personal Project: Plasma Pistol Holster

This is a whole lot of nuclear ouch.

Having recently acquired a Fallout 4 Plasma Pistol Replica from ThinkGeek, one would wonder how to carry around such a bulky and potentially dangerous-looking prop at a convention, since most conventions require all weapon replicas to be sheathed, holstered, or slung on the property… The challenge was to make a holster that could fit the toaster-sized weapon and carry it as securely as possible. The following design was composed to fit in to either a post-apocalypse or steampunk setting:

In addition to the four-panel design, made to accommodate such a large box-shaped gun, small patches of felt were glued to the inside of the leather to protect the replica from being scratched by the hardware holding everything together. The retention strap was given a thumb break snap and a buckle for adjustment as the leather gets stretched out more. A length of leather lacing to be tied around the thigh completes the holster, which can be worn on up to a 2-inch wide belt.

Personal Project: Splendid Teapot Racer

For those that do not know, Splendid Teapot Racing is a sport among steampunks which involves attaching a teapot to an RV racer and guiding it through a timed obstacle course. The full rules, as they exist, can be found at

This year’s Steampunk Symposium in Cincinnati, Ohio will bear (pun?) witness to Professor Beary McBearington’s latest and maddest creation, the “Pachyderm”! It should be sufficient to inspire awe and fear among the populace, but will the judges be impressed? Watch this space…

Professor Beary McBearington and his sidekick Minions man the “Pachyderm” Splendid Teapot Battle Tank.

Personal Project: Proton-Energized Knuckle-Duster

A perfect point-blank paralyzer, purposed to parry pesky poltergeists.

This device goes with the Aetheric Proton Generator and inducer wand that was posted earlier, as part of a supernatural researcher’s defensive gear.
A self-contained unit, this device is a charged with proton particles through the small port near the bottom, which is capped for safety. Depressing the thumb push-button charges the gold alloy anodes with enough aetheric shock energy to stun even the strongest of hostile supernatural creatures, if only for a moment. This is enough for the user to regain a state of preparedness after a surprise attack. The device also has a strap on its back side for securing it to a belt or bandoleer, which can be released by a snap for readying the weapon with due haste.

Such a device can always be recreated upon request, for a price…

Luminous Cabochon Pendants

Adapted from an earlier model of cabochon pendants, these Luminous Cabochons only glow with one steady color of light. Any entrancement from them is purely incidental!

They draw their power from a single 1632 coin cell, mounted in the back for easy replacement. To light them, merely insert the battery in the holder with the positive (+) side facing outwards. Each pendant also comes with a 36-inch rattail necklace cord, and a 12mm lobster clasp for attachment to a bracelet or watch fob. We like giving you options at SGL!

These items can be purchased for $15 USD each, plus applicable shipping.
Note that most frames are silver tone. The antique brass frames are available only in extremely limited quantities and jewel colors; please message Dr. Sabins for details when ordering.


Commission: Steampunk Ladies’ Walking Stick

This was a commission for a lady explorer who needed a stylish walking stick when out and about. She wanted it made to the specifications listed on a simple sketch, which made it much simpler to find the necessary parts.

The design included ash and poplar wood, copper fittings, a glass paperweight, and the ubiquitous LED emitter and battery beneath the glass “jewel” headpiece. Added a later was a nylon paracord for grip retention.
Overall, this was a $100 USD commission that will last her for many years of satisfied use.