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Sad News…

It appears that my supplier of the more magenta-violet color of LEDs (in the 460-nm range) have discontinued their line of products. I will be unable to create items that shine in that color once supplies have run out. I will instead make LED devices that use roughly 400-nm wavelength colors, on the border of the Ultra-Violet A band. To see a side-by-side comparison, see the images below.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Time, as well as science, marches on.

—Dr. Sabins

Glowing Serum Hypo-Syringes

It began as an experiment, as all things do here…

I began to wonder if the same technique that created the Glowing Potion Bottles could be adapted to a more technological equivalent. The results are in the form of these new items for sale that can also be made to glow, by inserting a 1632 coin cell battery into the head of the plunger, seen below. As always, the negative (“bump”) side faces inward towards the LED bulb.

So subtle, it can hardly be seen when placed inside the syringe!

Available colors include:

Each of these items is $10 USD, plus additional shipping and tax.


Glowing Potion Bottles Mk. II

For those who may remember, I once did a foray into alchemical potions that could be made to light up… The idea was a sound one, it was merely the construction that required refinement. I started again recently, with the same plastic bottles as before, only this time using denatured alcohol to help dilute the coloring dyes and to assist in ridding the resin mixture of bubbles.

Alchemy is a demanding discipline.

Once the colors by light of day were satisfactory, the acrylic resins were left to cure overnight before the work of lighting them began. The screw-on necks were cut off and replaced with simple press-on O-ring seals, made of hot-melt glue. This allowed room for simple LED modules to be adhered onto the bottle neck tops, each taking a 1632 battery. The results can be seen below…

UPDATE: I’ve also experimented with flickering LED lights in some newer potion bottles. Here we have Corrosive Acid in deep green, and Alchemist’s Fire in orange. I’ll see if I can add more to the roster.

By day or night, these would make ideal physical representation pieces to go into pouches or satchels for LARP or cosplay.

These items are sold for $15 USD per potion, plus additional tax and shipping.


Wizarding Wand Styluses

These items are useful for any capacitance touchscreen device, but they are particularly useful for tracing complex patterns in spell-casting (or so I’ve heard). Available in a variety of styles and colors, any would-be wizard is free to let their favorite wand choose them!

An elastic retention cord is included with the item.
Never fall victim to losing your wand again!


These have been selling so well, it has been necessary to experiment with new styles and colors! More pictures will be shown here as new wand styluses are created.


These items are available for $7 USD each, plus additional tax and shipping.

Describe your desired wand.

W.R.O.B.s – Wearable Robot Optic Badges

NEW!! Body Type 4 – Hexy
Each W.R.O.B. features easy-to-use components.
All arms and legs are poseable.

The W.R.O.B. series is a new foray into wearable 3-D printed art. They can be attached to clothing via their safety-lockable pin backs, or they can stand free on a shelf or table. Each retro-styled robot body type can be fitted with a variety of arms and/or power core types, and they can all be plated in a variety of metallic colors. All of them come complete with a CR 2032 battery to power up their central cores, which purposefully flicker as they light up.

Each of these small robots is priced at $15 USD, with additional tax and shipping.

Power Core Color

Light-Emitting Lockets Mk. VIII

The latest iteration in these popular items, the Mk. VIII models feature a new ball locket casing, made of a superior crafted alloy. Split rings replace the older jump rings, and both the 12mm lobster clasp and the rings are plated with 18k gold. The internal LED device is still powered by a 1025 button cell, included with purchase. Finally, these can also be worn on an included 30-inch rat-tail cord.

These items come in more colors as well, and are available on request.
They are still sold for the same low price of $15 USD each, plus additional tax and shipping.

Color of Light

Luminous Cabochon Pendants

The back of the Cabochon neatly seats the power cell in a holder.

Adapted from an earlier model of cabochon pendants, these Luminous Cabochons only glow with one steady color of light. Any entrancement from them is purely incidental!

They draw their power from a single 1632 coin cell, mounted in the back for easy replacement. To light them, merely insert the battery in the holder with the positive (+) side facing outwards. Each pendant also comes with a 36-inch rattail necklace cord, and a 12mm lobster clasp for attachment to a bracelet or watch fob. We like giving you options at SGL!

These items can be purchased for $15 USD each, plus applicable tax and shipping.


Change In Shipping Services

Dear Loyal Customers,
It is to my regret that I must change my preferred method of shipment services to deliver my carefully crafted items to you. I will no longer be using United States Postal Services due to recent unpredictability in their services.
While switching to United Parcel Services may be a more costly option, it is a more reliable and thus necessary one. I and my staff of minions apologize for the inconvenience.

Sincere Regards,
Dr. Sabins

Light-Up Cufflink Sets

Now presenting as a stock item without the display box, these handmade Light-Up Cufflinks are each activated by a single 1220 coin-cell battery. Simply slip in the battery with the positive (+) flat side towards the cuff link bar, and the LED light will come on. Because these are non-blinking LEDs, they are safe to use around people with photosensitivity issues, and have been known to last many hours on a single battery. The cufflinks themselves are Sterling silver plated.
Let Dr. Sabins know which color you are ordering in the link below.

These items are priced at $15 USD per pair, and batteries are included.
Additonal tax and shipping costs are applicable.

Color of Lights

Sorcery Stones Mk. II


These new items are an improvement on the old models, after finally acquiring claw pendants that are an appropriate size to hold the crystals. Each is lit by an internal light-emitting diode circuit, which is in turn powered by a single CR1220 coin cell battery that fits into the clip behind the claw. A silken rattail cord suspends the pendant around the neck, adjustable up to 30″ in length. More colors than the above are also available, but the first six are being test marketed by a merchant at a LARP event. If successful, they will become a stock item.

EDIT: These are now being produced as a standard stock item!
Each pendant is for sale at $15 USD apiece, plus added tax and shipping.