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Change In Shipping Services

Dear Loyal Customers,
It is to my regret that I must change my preferred method of shipment services to deliver my carefully crafted items to you. I will no longer be using United States Postal Services due to recent unpredictability in their services.
While switching to United Parcel Services may be a more costly option, it is a more reliable and thus necessary one. I and my staff of minions apologize for the inconvenience.

Sincere Regards,
Dr. Sabins

Light-Up Cufflink Sets


Now presenting as a stock item without the display box, these handmade Light-Up Cufflinks are each activated by a single 1220 coin-cell battery. Simply slip in the battery with the positive (+) flat side towards the cuff link bar, and the LED light will come on. Because these are non-blinking LEDs, they are safe to use around people with photosensitivity issues, and have been known to last many hours on a single battery. The cufflinks themselves are Sterling silver plated.
Let Dr. Sabins know which color you are ordering in the link below.

These items are priced at $20 USD per pair, and batteries are included.


Commission: Ghostbusters Proton Pack Refit

This is my second Arduino project thus far, which took a Spirit Halloween Ghostbusters Proton Pack and revamped the interior electronics to mimic the effects in the recent PC game. The only exterior change I made is to mask the windows for the lights a bit further to hide the electronics within.
The designs for the circuitry, the Arduino code, and the sound effects are all courtesy of the following link at GitHub:

Sorcery Stones Mk. II


These new items are an improvement on the old models, after finally acquiring claw pendants that are an appropriate size to hold the crystals. Each is lit by an internal light-emitting diode circuit, which is in turn powered by a single CR1220 coin cell battery that fits into the clip behind the claw. A silken rattail cord suspends the pendant around the neck, adjustable up to 30″ in length. More colors than the above are also available, but the first six are being test marketed by a merchant at a LARP event. If successful, they will become a stock item.

EDIT: These are now being produced as a standard stock item!
Each pendant is for sale at $15 USD apiece, plus shipping.


Eyes of the Divine Wristbands

These three prototype wristbands hold glowing amulets of power that are each powered by a single 2032 coin cell battery. The battery snaps in to the side in an out-of-the-way position that is secure enough to enable the wristbands to be used in LARP combat. Future versions of these artifacts may include larger and thicker leatherwork along with small slide switches for the lights. As of this writing, these prototypes are being test marketed at a LARP merchant’s shop. If they sell well, more will be made with the improvements mentioned.

Parahunter Jetpack and Helmet

This is a future cosplay that repurposes previously crafted personal creations. The Parahunters were a proposed faction for the game of “Fallout 4”, but they never made it past the concept phase. They were basically designed as a rival faction to the Brotherhood of Steel, acting as mercenaries and poachers of mutated beasts in the Wasteland. This particular armor was probably found mostly intact by a wandering Vault Survivor after the Great War, its original pilot long since dead due to radiation exposure.
‘Fallout’ and its related properties are owned by Bethesda. I lay claim to nothing; this is simply intended as an homage.

Light-Emitting Lockets, Mk. VII


The newest iteration of these successful items will be made to be sold on consignment. They feature a 12 mm lobster clasp in a matching antique gold finish, and come with one free CR1025 battery for powering the light inside.
EDIT: After some test-marketing, I have revised the price point of these items to $18 USD each.
They are now available as a regularly stocked item.
Be sure to specify the color(s) desired when ordering. Two different styles of locket ball exist; a specific type can be ordered as supplies allow.

Case Style

SGL-117 Meson Disintegrator Rifle (Intended for Purely Peaceful Purposes)

This invention, originally founded in 2016, was a prop based on a weapon mod in the hit game series of “Fallout” from Bethesda Soft. I wanted to make my own version of the thing seen below, complete with lights and sound, for… You know, purely peaceful purposes.

The SGL-117 is designed to use its liquid-metal ion capacitor batteries to accelerate a beam of pi-mesons down a linear acceleration tube at near-relativistic velocities. This beam, once exiting from the bore of the weapon, can quickly and efficiently erode matter at the atomic level, reducing most targets to ionized vapor in mere milliseconds. In other words, there is no sane reason that this device would exist in our world as it currently is, but in a nuclear-blasted wasteland of mutant horrors, it could come in quite handy.

Three AAA-sized lithium batteries come installed in the magazine box for power, and a pull of the trigger sets the lightshow in motion. A small switch on the magazine box can be engaged for safety purposes. A speaker housed on the right side of the rifle creates accompanying sound effects.

This item has been SOLD.