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SGL “Morita” Combat Weapon

Heads up, troopers! This serviceable dart blaster rifle, a new entry in the ‘Red’ Collection, is just the sort of thing you want to take into a dart battle. The ‘Morita’ is a flywheel-powered shooter with 4 x AA batteries included, slinging a dart with each pull of the trigger. The motors are activated by the switch placed below the firing trigger and take a mere second to get up to speed. This blaster comes with a barrel extension ‘flare suppressor’, extending stock with storage inside for extra darts, two 12-round clips of ammuntion, and a side-saddle holder for carrying the extra clip. You can get it right here at the link button below! “Service Guarantees Citizenship!”

This item is priced at $75 USD, plus applicable shipping and tax.
“Would You Like To Know More?”

SGL Alpha-300 Energy Bolt Carbine

Sabins Gadgeteering Lab proudly presents its latest design in personal plasma weapon technology, the Alpha-300. With internal lights and sound, it comes with two 12-round magazines of glow-in-the-dark ammo, with the spare in a side carrier attached to the receiver. The semiautomatic weapon uses a motorized flywheel action to feed darts out from the magazine and accelerate them out of the barrel. 4 x AA batteries are included.

Note that operating this weapon requires the flywheels to be brought up to speed for a few seconds before firing, by depressing a secondary switch below the trigger. This also engages UV lights within the magazine well that charge each dart with glowing power.

Here is a video of the weapon firing up a dimly-lit stairwell, to show off the plasma bolts in action.

This device is priced at $75 USD, plus applicable tax and shipping.

Galactic Tracer Gauntlet

I first saw this toy on the local store shelves, but I wasn’t really impressed with the paint job or the overall premise of a single-shot wrist blaster. I decided to see what I would get with a short-range grapnel launcher with an actual reel of line, and to redo the paint job into something more worthy of a legendary bounty hunter. I also gave it an actual leather strap and metal buckle to secure it to the forearm.

Note that this will not allow you to scale buildings, nor will it allow you to snag a line onto a flying starfighter. It’s got about 4 feet of line, and it should NEVER be fired at a living being. It will allow you to snag a remote control from across the couch, however. It also comes with two spare grapnel hooks in case of breakage of the original.

Here is a sample of the gauntlet in action:

This device is priced at $50 USD, plus additional tax and shipping.

Eye of the Divine, Mk. II

This pendant, bearing a glow of mystic-seeming power, can be worn by costumers and LARP players alike. It holds an acrylic crystal and integrated LED firmly in a solid ABS frame. Each can be cast and/or painted in a range of colors. The LED light is powered by a single CR1632 power cell held firmly in its battery clasp, inserted positive (flat) side out to turn on the light.

Rear face of Eye, showing battery inserted.

These items are priced at $15 USD each, plus shipping and applicable tax.

Crystal/Light Color
Frame Finish Color

Rings of Power Mk. V

Emerald Crystal with Rose Gold colored frame, size 7 US

I had experimented earlier with creating 3D printed cameo frames, suitable for use in cameo pendants and medallions. I have now extended that design to glowing rings in various sizes. They each use a single CR1220 battery to light their LED core, which can sustain the same brightness for 8 hours or more, depending on temperature conditions.

These rings can be a viable alternative for those with allergic reactions to certain metals. The only metals exposed to the skin are the battery and a small copper wire soldered with non-leaded solder.

EDIT: Ring styles now also come in Mystic Rune and Starburst designs.

All of these rings can be made in sizes from 7 to 11 US.
Each one is priced at $10 USD, plus additional tax and shipping.
Be certain to specify the style, color of crystal, color of ring finish, and finger size when ordering.

Color of Crystal/Light
Size (US only)
Ring Finish Color

SGL 40-Watt Phased Plasma Rifle

This futuristic blaster from an alternate timeline has a hefty weight to it, but it comes fully equipped for battle whether facing human or machine. The motorized flywheel action shoots a dart with each pull of the trigger, at a surprising rate of fire. The underbarrel pump-action missile launcher has also proven effective, with each missile having empennage-mounted fins to help them fly further and straighter.

To fully display the effectiveness of this blaster, an 18-round clip of glow-in-the-dark darts was selected for its standard complement. With the UV lighting system inside the clip, each dart is illuminated before firing to give it that glow of  an ionized plasma bolt.

This is a small demonstration of the blaster in action, for maximum effect.

This blaster is priced at
$80 USD, plus taxes and shipping. 
Batteries and all accessories are definitely included!

SGL “Desert Rat” Close-Quarters Battle Weapon

This dart blaster is a bit of a departure from previous creations, with its ultra-modern styling resembling early 21st century combat weapons. The compact nature of the blaster easily avails its use in indoor battles with very little room to move about, hence its “Close Quarters Battle” designation. It features a single-action, semiautomatic firing mechanism that, although not slam-fire capable, can be recocked quickly for rapid shooting. It is also fed by an 18-round magazine that has been slightly modified to fit the magazine well. 

This dart blaster is more realistic than most of SGL’s previous creations, so both its magazine and muzzle have been left unpainted to prevent confusion with actual firearms.

This blaster is priced at $40 USD, plus applicable taxes and shipping.

News of the Future…

It has recently come to my attention that coin-cell battery technology is getting even more advanced as of late. This WIRED story about Li-Si batteries may be part of the future of such technology. Another interesting story from WIRED heralds the creation of an exceedingly damage-resistant Li-ion battery. Neat stuff, even though it may be some time before we see such technology on the store shelves.

 —Dr. Sabins

Personal Project – NERF “Revoltinator” Repaint (Shock Rifle)

Upon seeing this monstrous plastic toy in the toy aisle, complete with its integral lights and sounds, I somehow knew that I would be getting it and repainting it for the holiday season. I also knew that I would probably be kicking myself for all the details that they put into the molding on its exterior. It basically looks like it was cobbled together from various random items in a hardware store, which made it perfect for representing a mad science project.

The motorized dart firing mechanism only engages when a magazine is inserted into the well on the bottom. I could screw on a plastic Kydex panel over the well opening, and thus make the blaster safe for taking to a convention, in order to show it off. I have to wonder if that feature was intentionally designed into this product, but it should work just fine for me nonetheless. I will post updates with any photos taken at conventions while in costume.