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SGL M5A1 Combat Rifle

A no-nonsense weapon that’s suitable to become any soldier’s close personal friend, the M5A1 is a motorized automatic rifle that can fire 10 rounds in under 4 seconds. With plenty of rails for add-on accessories, it is supplied with one full 18-round clip and 6 “D”-cell batteries in the stock.
Never go on a “bug hunt” without one!

This item is on sale for $50 USD at the Town Street Annex in historic Franklinton. Inquire within!

Personal Project: Rick Sanchez’s Dimensional Portal Gun

With the news that Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim is green-lighting the fourth season of “Rick and Morty”, I thought now might be a good time to show off my attempt at upgrading a very basic model of Rick’s Portal Gun. This was a project I completed some years ago. The digital readout replaces the simple acrylic light-up panel, and the dark matter generator chamber actually holds a 3-d printed glob of translucent dark matter. I also upgraded the emitter lights in front to be brighter and greener, because I could.

“Rick and Morty” is the creation of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.
I own nothing: this piece is merely intended as an homage.

SGL Short-Bore Lever-Lock

This snub-nosed carbine, suitable for zombie-hunters, bounty hunters, or those who simply aim to misbehave, is bound to become some Nerf warrior’s Very Favorite Gun. Features include a double-ended magazine that holds twelve rounds of ammunition (also included), as well as a multi-modal sight mounted to the top of the weapon.

Fire six shots, jack the lever forward, eject, flip and reload the magazine.
Then pull the lever back for another six shots.

This piece is currently on sale at the Town Street Annex facility, for any aspiring LARPers to acquire for $30 USD.

Personal Project: Proton Haversack Modification

As on YT, I took a thing (GameStop Proton Backpack) and put another thing inside it (Arduino FX kit for a Spirit Halloween Proton Pack), thus making an even better thing. It’s still a serviceable backpack, too.

As always, to give credit to the original designer, schematics and files for the electronics can be found at:

SGL-P13 Repeating Assault Blaster

A simple if menacingly effective weapon, re-painted in an ominous shade of gunmetal grey. Meant for combat; suitable for renegade mercenaries or troops of an imperial fleet. Manual slide operation, with “slam-fire” capability from either stick magazines or the included 35-round drum (ammo included). Integral sighting scope permanently mounted for just the right look.

This piece is currently on sale at the Town Street Annex facility, for any aspiring LARPers to acquire for $40 USD.

Glowing Potion Bottles Mk. II

For those who may remember, I once did a foray into alchemical potions that could be made to light up… The idea was a sound one, it was merely the construction that required refinement. I started again recently, with the same plastic bottles as before, only this time using denatured alcohol to help dilute the coloring dyes and to assist in ridding the resin mixture of bubbles.

Alchemy is a demanding discipline.

Once the colors by light of day were satisfactory, the acrylic resins were left to cure overnight before the work of lighting them began. The screw-on necks were cut off and replaced with simple press-on O-ring seals, made of hot-melt glue. This allowed room for simple LED modules to be adhered onto the bottle neck tops, each taking a 1632 battery. The results can be seen below…

By day or night, these would make ideal physical representation pieces to go into pouches or satchels for LARP or cosplay.

These items are sold for $15 USD per potion, plus additional shipping.


Wizarding Wand Styluses

These items are useful for any capacitance touchscreen device, but they are particularly useful for tracing complex patterns in spell-casting (or so I’ve heard). Available in a variety of styles and colors, any would-be wizard is free to let their favorite wand choose them!

An elastic retention cord is included with the item.
Never fall victim to losing your wand again!


These have been selling so well, it has been necessary to experiment with new styles and colors! More pictures will be shown here as new wand styluses are created.


These items are available for $10 USD each, plus additional shipping.

Type your style/color here

Commission: Primal Source Cube, AKA the “Key of Aaravos”

This is a commissioned 3D print, the files for which were created by the maker “DTuininga” on  However, my own 3D printer was facing extruder issues at the time, resulting in a very rough print. I have since ordered a new extruder:


I worked with what I had, and filled out the print with a combination of white foaming Gorilla Glue and epoxy putty. I then primed the surfaces to see what needed further refinement.

The final surface painting resembled a hand-carved wood block, which is what I originally wanted from it. I then used variations in light and dark shading to bring out some of the lost details.

It may seem like too much work for one piece, but the details are always important. My loyalty is to the work I produce, and I perpetually endeavor to improve.

Personal Project – Virtual Monster Spirit Staff

This hickory staff’s headpiece was made for use by a powerful shaman, a keeper of mythical monsters that can be found inhabiting virtual space. She will use it to bless all young trainers of these creatures at the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

Behold these rare items of mystic power, available only to those who are worthy seekers…

W.R.O.B.s – Wearable Robot Optic Badges

NEW!! Body Type 4 – Hexy
Each W.R.O.B. features easy-to-use components.
All arms and legs are poseable.

The W.R.O.B. series is a new foray into wearable 3-D printed art. They can be attached to clothing via their safety-lockable pin backs, or they can stand free on a shelf or table. Each retro-styled robot body type can be fitted with a variety of arm and/or leg types, and they can all be plated in a variety of metallic colors. All of them come complete with a CR 2032 battery to power up their central cores, which purposefully flicker as they light up.

Each of these small robots is priced at $20 USD, with additional shipping.
Use the form below to order your own today!

Body Type
Plating Color
Power Core Light Color: