Aperture Labs Portal Gun Commission

This sizeable device is wielded by the player character “Chell” in the game world of Portal 2. With the power to create stable wormholes for transporting matter, such items were once available as a limited edition series of props, but the customer only had half of the budget available for purchase. I accepted the challenge to create an analog unit that would fit that limited budget.

The unit construction was based on a combination of 3D printing, molded Kydex, and household plumbing supplies. It also incorporated light and sound effects, driven by a relatively simple recording module and LED circuit. Every detail was painstakingly reproduced with the best available materials at that time. Finally, since this was not an *official* product of Aperture Labs, I made certain that it also bore my maker’s mark as well, to distinguish it as a custom build.

This commission was priced at less than $250 USD, to give some idea of the work involved.
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