Ætheric Plasma Discharger (upgraded)

As seen here, the ion coalescence chamber is busily gathering ætheric waves
and converting them into electrical charges.
Here we see the primed energy at the emitter just prior to discharge.

It occurs to me that I simply cannot leave well enough alone when it comes to one of my older projects. A further upgrade of a previous construct, this steampunk/Teslapunk arm bracer is designed to gather and coalesce light waves, as perturbations in the æther, and funnel them into the electrolytic capacitor cells for redirection as a stream of ionized plasma. To the layman, that means that it’s a light-recharged ionic ray blaster. It comes with adjustable straps to secure the frame to the top of the forearm as pictured. The frame is composed of Kydex-T thermoplastic, a suitable replacement for metal or boiled leather.

As it stands, I no longer wish to sell this item, as it has become one of my oldest and most cherished works. In an era where firearms and firearm-like replicas are summarily banned from most convention sites, I prefer the simplicity of a forearm-based pacification device that has an adjustable power setting, in order to mitigate the force that is applied.

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