Recent Projects

What can I make for you today?

Welcome to Sabins Gadgeteering Lab, an award-winning craft shop for custom wearable art and costuming accessories. You can find the most recent creations, crafted to the utmost detail by Dr. Sabins himself, under the Recent Projects menu at the top. There are also pictures of various Items In Stock that are ready for sale.

Custom creations for costumes can be made to your specifications, limited only to what the technology on hand makes possible. If you can imagine it, Dr. Sabins will do his best to create it for you! (Note that all items can not be held responsible for damage done to property by death rays, freeze rays, or zero point energy.)

Awarded Best Workmanship in the Master Class Division,
Balticon Masquerade Contest 2014.
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Awarded Second Place in Rocket Packs,
Promethean Society Mad Science Fair, Steamtopia Con 2014
Awarded Second Place in Weapon Props,
Promethean Society Mad Science Fair, Steamtopia Con 2014